How do I lose weight if I lose 200 pounds

I weigh 200 pounds, how do I lose weight?


Have you ever asked yourself “I weigh 200 pounds, how do I lose weight?”

If you want to lose weight, you simply need to do cardio and exercise, right?


This may stand valid for certain individuals, yet not for individuals more than 200 pounds!


Your metabolism is slower, your joints need to convey more weight, and your body needs to work significantly harder to do an activity, for example, running contrasted with somebody weighing 150 pounds. The bottom line, there’s a superior methodology.

But first of all, you should understand, that everything that you are going to read here – must become a part of your life. You have to enjoy all of this and use it in your everyday life like the biggest pleasure that has fallen on your head. Be healthy and wealthy, and remember to consult your doctor before doing experiments with yourselves.

Before I dive into what you should do, we should cover what NOT TO DO whenever you ask yourself “I weight 200 pounds, how do I lose weight?” or more worth “I weigh 300 pounds and want to lose weight fast?”

What not to do when you want to lose weight

  1. Avoid Working Out


I know, I know, seems like a fairytale, yet it’s reality. At the point when you’re over 200 pounds, doing exercises may cause some serious injury. In the long run, you would want to stir your way up to exercising, however for the present, simply avoid it so you don’t make injury your joints.

In addition to included pressure the joints, you’re additionally adding A LOT more weight on the body in other physical manners. You most like to have a higher pulse, higher cholesterol, and your heart is not physically equipped YET to handle that kind of stress.

As I said, you want to work-ready. My suggestion, incorporate walking each day to kick you off with weight misfortune.

Instead, center the entirety of your attention around what you eat, because what you eat MATTERS THE MOST!


  1. Disregard Counting Calories


If you ever asked yourself “If I weigh 200 pounds how many calories should I eat to lose weight” I will answer you. Counting calories can be effective in the right circumstances, however, for general weight misfortune, it’s totally pointless. Indeed, one particular investigation demonstrated that counting calories may not really assist you with losing weight. Instead, supplant refined, prepared, and sugary nourishments with nutrient-thick nourishments like fruits, vegetables, and entire grains. Studies have demonstrated this is a substantially more effective approach to lose weight.


  1. Avoid Eating Frequently


I’m certain you’ve heard it previously, “you have to eat each more than two hours to help your metabolism”. As of right now, we have discovered this is totally bogus! Studies have demonstrated that eating recurrence had NO EFFECT on increasing metabolic rate. I followed this technique for a LONG TIME. It wasn’t until a few years back, that I changed my weight misfortune approach.

This is what you should do if you want to lose weight when you weigh more than 200 pounds:


  1. Apply Intermittent Fasting


What is intermittent fasting you inquire? It is simply an eating technique (NOT DIET) in which you change the times and recurrence you eat. Instead of eating 5-7 times per day (like the fitness industry used to prescribe), you just need to eat 2-3 times per day. Intermittent fasting is an eating design where you cycle between periods of fasting and eating.

The technique I follow (likewise generally famous) and prescribe is the 16-8 strategy. For this strategy, you would eat for 8 hours, and fast for 16 hours. The best case of this is my timetable, I eat NOTHING until midnight. Presently, from 12 pm to 8 pm, I would eat my ordinary breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After 8 pm, no more nourishment until noon the following day.

Why utilize intermittent fasting?

Since it provides innumerable weight misfortune benefits, for example,

Increase in metabolic rate

Improves weight misfortune

Increases development hormone levels significantly

Normalizes Leptin

Retains fit bulk

Improves insulin sensitivity

Secures against disease

May assist you with living longer

It’s easier and less unpleasant to follow


  1. You should think about how your body functions

If you understand your body and why it is adding on weight, it should turn out to be a lot easier to figure out what you have to do to lose the weight and keep it off.

To make it straight forward, many ladies weigh over 200+ lbs gain unwanted weight because of hormones. It seldom has anything to do with calories or exercise.

There are three essential hormones – leptin, cortisol, and insulin.

Leptin is accountable for letting you know when you are too full to eat any longer.

Cortisol is the pressure hormone. At the point when you are under pressure, it rises to support the sugar (glucose) you take in from nourishment into fat.

Insulin is a hormone that oversees glucose. It ships the glucose to the liver and muscles and stores some as fat in your body.

At the point when these three work together consummately, you should be healthy.

In any case, when there is any issue with either one of them, possibly because you eat too a lot of fructose (prepared nourishments and included sugar are the main sources), your leptin level increase too high and it stops sending the “you are full” message to your brain. At the point when your insulin gets strained, you become insulin resistant, the easiest thing it can do is to store the glucose as fat in your body.

You likely hit each of the three when you are more than 200 lbs.

If you don’t have some chronical disease identified with your overweight ( yet), it’s time to get your hormones under control before it’s too late.

You can improve your hormone functionality by eliminating sugary nourishments, eat progressively greasy fish, exercise normally. In any case, the most ideal approach to stick with a well-adjusted diet.


  1. Do a Carbohydrate Detox

Need to lose 200 pounds fast?

This is a decent first means of seeing achievement!

You presumably didn’t realize that your body can become insulin resistant. If you have no clue what this implies, we should cover what insulin does for your body. Insulin is critical for your body to utilize glucose for vitality. When you start developing insulin resistance, you increase your odds of developing coronary illness and type 2 diabetes.

Doing a starch detox can help turn around insulin resistance.

This way when you start eating well sugars, for example, fruit, you will really feel something positive (I’m referring to vitality) from consuming it! Follow this for up to 14 days (max), and then begin to gradually reintroduce carbs once more into the framework. This a definite fire route for you to figure out how to lose 200 lbs fast.


  1. Eat Healthier Foods, you have to fall in love with vegetables
healthy soul food

At the point when you are 200 lbs besides, and you are approached to hold your calorie intake under 1500, (your typical calorie needs most likely is over 2000). you could be continually ravenous, your body transforms into the starvation mode. At whatever point you find the opportunity to eat, it will make a decent attempt to store the fat in the body for the crisis. That is how our body functions normally. That will make losing weight extremely hard.

If you don’t want to be “ravenous and cantankerous” the entire time, the most ideal approach to turn this around is to eat vegetables as much as you can.

Vegetables are nutrient thick, brimming with fiber, and low on calories.

Indeed, even you are convinced you do not like vegetables, give it an attempt. There is a lot of options.

Trying to be liberal, yet don’t compel yourself to eat it.

This is the tip you can attempt – pick out one new veggie a week or a day, cook in different ways. Continuously eat them crude does sound boring.

If toward the week’s end, you still don’t like it, stop eating it. Move onto the following one.

A great deal of time, you might find you really do like a lot of different veggies. You simply don’t like the one kind of cooking your mother consistently did when you were as a kid – boiled to death and spongy with no seasoning.


  1. Start Walking

Walking is really the ideal exercise for individuals who are carrying a little additional weight. It’s low impact, consumes calories, and the calories you are burning are generally from fat versus running where the majority of your calories consumed are coming from carbs ( you eat away at your muscle before you consume muscle to fat ratio).

Walking is additionally a great method to save slender muscle and diminishes pressure. It’s in our qualities, our ancestors were continually walking near. Keep in mind, they didn’t have supermarkets and ranchers advertises in those days, they needed to MOVE in request to get their nourishment.


  1. Start Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

There are so many benefits to using apple cider vinegar, weight misfortune is only one of them. I won’t go thinking about something else however, I will simply concentrate on explaining HOW apple cider vinegar is going to assist you with losing weight.

Apple cider vinegar is a characteristic appetite silencer and normally brings down glucose levels. At the point when you expend ACV 20-30 minutes before dinner, it makes increases feelings of satiety (how full you feel) quicker.

In addition to the fact that ACV makes you feel more full, however, it additionally stimulates your metabolism and encourages you to consume muscle to fat ratio faster. In conclusion, it improves insulin sensitivity, which we currently know is critical (since we discussed this earlier).

You can hope to lose somewhere in the range of 10-28 pounds in only 28 days.


  1. Plan Your Meal
plan your meal

Planning your dinners ahead can assist you with restructuring your life and settle on the healthier choice easier.

For instance, it’s Friday evening after work. You had a hard day and you are ravenous, irritable, and tired. You realize you will settle on the easiest choice available right now:

If you have not thought ahead, as if it’s a surprise that you need to nourish yourself consistently. You might either figure out a sound supper to make, most likely need to swing by the market and pick up ingredients, return home, prep everything and cook.

Or on the other hand, you could arrange delivery.

Truly, if I were you, I presumably will arrange delivery.

Since it’s easier.

In any case, if you have an arrangement arranged, it is previously decided that dinner is chicken fajitas. There’s chicken thawing in the fridge and the veggies are washed, cleaved, and all set. There’s no tough decision to make right now.

Besides, it’s faster to simply make the fajitas. You most likely will not organization delivery.

I’ve utilized this system a ton to settle on healthier choices.

I used to eat a ton of chips. At the point when I decided to lose weight, I need to decrease the chips. So I decided to not get them when I do shopping for food. At the point when I truly wanted them, I would need to go to the store and purchase a single serving.

That is a ton of work for like 10 potato chips.

This technique drastically decreased my chip consumption. Shifting the ordinary structures of your life in this manner could enable you to utilize your laziness as a bit of leeway. If you settle on undesirable choices too much work, you are WAY more averse to pick them.


  1. Find Your Thing For


Our body is designed to move. These days, the vast majority of us have work area occupations which make it extremely difficult to be active if you don’t plan time out for exercise.

With the weight more than 200 pounds, being active turns out to be all the more challenging.

That is the reason you have to find the thing you love doing it.

I repurchased a treadmill years imagining I would be running/walking on it like what you find in the treadmill commercial, yet it wound up in my carport brimming with dust and never turned on after the first not many months. From that, I realized I loathe running mindlessly on treadmills. Indeed, even the fitness coach emphatically suggested it, I never liked it.

It’s extremely difficult to constrain yourself to do it if you don’t like it. If you began, you presumably won’t continue to do it extremely long.

Be that as it may, losing weight needs consistency in the long haul, especially when you are more than 200 lbs.

Trying different things until you find your thing and experience passionate feelings for it. You will stick with it.

Not everything you experiment with needs to work, yet a few things you attempt could conceivably.

I began with walking accidentally. I appreciate it without a doubt. So I start walking 30 minutes consistently to 60 minutes, 2 hours when the weather permits.


  1. Release Your Perfectionism


Don’t let “perfectionism” derail your endeavors.

This is the thing that would occur if you let perfection be your adversary of good.

You find a “shiny weight misfortune program, you bet everything, excited about your new undertaking.

At that point… life occurs, you missed an exercise, eat some ice creams.

You feel remorseful about it.

You abandon everything and spend the entire week spiraling in disgrace and frustration.

At that point you attempt again. Have another “cheat” minute and the cycle repeat again and again.

Nobody is great. We as a whole have minutes where we stray away from the way.

The important thing is to not let one decision influence every single future decision:

Don’t let that sugar cookie you had today stop you from walking 30 minutes after.

Don’t let missing one exercise this morning stop you from eating well for dinner tonight.

You tried so often to get back in shape.

And you stopped trying similarly the same number of times.

Don’t let “great” be your foe of “being acceptable”. You need to continue trying until it works out for you.


Or on the other hand, you can utilize a diet plan for 9 weeks, divided for 3 stages:



Week 1-3:

This stage is about behavior changes that don’t decrease your total daily calories or roll out substantial improvements to the nourishments you regularly eat. Think of this stage as “eating healthier”.

You’re not on a diet, and you’re not restricting calories yet. You’re simply trying to find all the simple, little changes that put you on the way to a healthier diet.


– When you’re eating out, request your nourishment without cheddar.

– Skip the mayonnaise on burgers and sandwiches.

– Only utilize half as a lot of spread.

– Reduce or eliminate the half and half in espresso.

– If you’re a late-night snacker, set up a healthier nibble than expected.

– Drink more water

– Exercise once per week



Week 4-8:

Following half a month of healthier habits, you’re prepared to push ahead with increasingly significant changes to your diet content. You don’t need to diminish your daily calorie total in this stage, you’re simply going to concentrate on the content.

The main staple of a weight misfortune diet will consistently be adding lean protein and fiber while removing simple fast digesting starches. At the point when you integrate those three factors into each feast, your body will begin to react and make transforms you’re not by any means mindful of.

Protein and fiber will fill you up, making sure you don’t have hunger cravings between dinners. Removing simple carbohydrates has multiple benefits to everybody on a diet:

– Sugar spikes insulin, which influences fat storage

– Elevated insulin likewise nullifies your ability to feel full

Evacuate the same number of fast-digesting, sugary nourishments from your suppers as could reasonably be expected. You’ll likewise want to exercise twice per week for 20-30 minutes every session.



Week 9-Beyond

You’ve made the simple, superficial changes and you’ve even rolled out significant substance improvements to each feast. This is a decent time to begin calorie restriction to begin accelerating fat misfortune once again the following barely any weeks.

Instead of slashing your daily calorie spending plan to without a doubt the absolute minimum, you should adopt an increasingly progressive restriction. Start by reducing your total daily calories by 200-300.

Your body will modify, and you’ll before long notice a few pounds have softened away more than half a month.

Your body has an internal calculator of sorts and has a maintenance calorie go it needs to sustain your present weight.

Model: You weigh 200 pounds and presently eat 3000-3500 calories every day. This is your maintenance territory. For whatever length of time that you consistently eat in this calorie run, you will not gain or lose weight.

You decide to begin a diet and lessen your calorie range to 2800-3300. Your body will lose a couple of pounds and normalize with the goal that 2800-3300 turns into your new maintenance calorie run.

You will maintain that weight, without gaining or losing, as long as you continue to eat 2800-3300 calories every day. You won’t continue your weight misfortune until you bring down your calorie run another 200-300 calories.

The cycle at that point repeats. Your body will change, lose a couple of pounds, and normalize in the new range. If you want to lose more you will need to re-change your daily calorie intake.

During this calorie restriction stage, you’ll want to begin exercising three or four times every week. At the point when you combine calorie restriction with consistent cardio exercises each week your fat misfortune will begin to quicken exponentially.


Final Thoughts


Trying to lose weight when you’re more than 200 pounds appears to be overwhelming yet it’s not insurmountable. You simply must be shrewd and plan your changes.

Set yourself up for progress with a determined progression of changes more than a while instead of making too many changes on the double that regularly bring about diet failure.

If you’re prepared to finally get the body you have constantly longed for, at that point my information is without a doubt your BEST option!


And make sure to have fun all this time, to do what you like and what makes you