BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator

About BMI

Body mass index (BMI) is a value that allows to assess the degree of correspondence between the mass of a person and his growth and thus indirectly assess whether the mass is insufficient, normal or excessive. It is important when determining the indications for consulting with a doctor.

BMI benefits are in the statement that understanding your BMI will help you to control it, and control is necessary for excluding the risks for medical conditions—including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and strokes. In the world there is even a BMI health insurance because of this reason. The next BMI goal is that it’s for the ideal you weight loss.

BMI is calculated using the formula:

BMI= W/(H*H), where
  • W is your weight in kilograms,
  • H is your height in meters.
BMI is measured in  kg/m2
But you can just use our calculator below (also could be infant BMI calculation)

Interpretation of indicators of BMI (kg sm) according to recommendations of HHS


Сorrespondence between a person’s weight and height

16 and less

marked deficiency of body weight


deficiency of body weight


normal, standard


excess body weight




severe obesity

40 and more

very severe obesity

Attention! Using these data is just for a rough estimate.

To know, the ideal weight for you, use the BMI reverse calculator

Take the BMI, that you would like to have, and your height – and you will get weight, that you need to have.

Reverse BMI calculator