Things you should do to be happy in your life


  1. Giving

The simplest thing to be happy is giving. Give anything to people around you. Even a smile is the nicest happy gift. You do not need to know each other to give something. A woman on the street, that needs a plastic bag to put her stuffs, will thank you if you offer a plastic bag.

  1. Forgiving

It is hard to forgive someone who hurts you. However, enduring the pain gives nothing to you. If you are angry, ask yourself, does angry give you something? Does angry make you happy? Of course, it does not. The angry and pains give you nothing. Why do not force yourself to forgive? It is more relief.

  1. Being Grateful

You want more than you get. It makes you feel unfair in life. Happy is not about how much you have. It is about how much you give. Back to the first point, giving. Be grateful by giving people.

Being happy is not hard. You do not need anything to be happy. Face life and smile. You have all you need. If you are going to be happy, don’t forget to three keys above.


Releasing emotion is important for a healthy life. However, too much overwhelming emotion can unbalance the healthy condition in your body. Controlling emotion is needed, too. These following emotions are commonly felt by us. How we deal with those emotions can maintain a healthy life.

The first is angry. You can express your anger when you think it will help to calm your psychological condition. However, too much anger will make your body getting worse. The blood pressure raises and it can be dangerous for the unhealthy body. Being the temperamental hot-blooded person is not easy. When you cannot control your anger, you should do the following tips.

  • Sit down and relax
  • Inhale the breath with your nose and exhale with your mouth
  • Maintain your breath until you feel the calm

The second common emotion is a grudge. Being hateful and ungrateful cannot guarantee that you will have a healthy life. Free your soul and receive anything God gives to you. Being healthy is something you should be grateful for.

The third is fear and paranoia. Everything happens because it has to happen. To be healthy, being fearful is something you should avoid. Do not easily be afraid or be paranoid. Face reality. There is nothing you should be afraid for. God is always our side.


Healthy lifestyles increasingly abandoned by people, especially young people who despise almost instantaneous. Ranging from a diet, sleep patterns, thought patterns, until the overall pattern of life is very far from the healthy word. You would rather eat fast food than to eat vegetables. You would rather stay up late to watch a DVD than to bed earlier and get up earlier. And it all has become a habit of everyday life.

Changing a habit is not easy. Moreover, already become a lifestyle for many years. You can create a list of unhealthy habits that you do every day, compared with an active activity that you regularly do. It’s an effective way to change your unhealthy habits.

These tips are written, so that young people are more concerned with a healthy lifestyle, so do not regret it if you are old sickly due to the unhealthy lifestyle you’re living right now.

1. Sleep Earlier, Build More Morning
In general, young people prefer to stay up to do the things they think are important to do, but it is not at all. Begadang fact proved detrimental to health, among others, could improve the symptoms of a stroke, tinnitus, trigger hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

The results showed that when a person is not getting enough rest, it will trigger the formation of glucose to become faster and ending up with diabetes. At the same time, lack of sleep will increase hunger and the end is increased appetite.

Bed early can make getting up early too. Well, to get up early, you can be healthier because they can breathe fresh air every morning.

2. Healthy Breakfast Morning
Our bodies consist of trillion cells and require 114 different nutrients that we must meet. Healthy breakfast is high in protein and fiber, reducing the number of carbohydrates because it will make us sleepy.

Breakfast quality will make you productive all day. Conversely, an unhealthy meal will make you weak, sluggish, and dispirited. How did you choose a healthy breakfast to determine your steps a day? So, choose a healthy meal that healthy life.

3. Exercise
Laziness exercise causes many diseases. The sport does not need to be hard and long. Mild exercise such as jogging, cycling, gymnastics, basketball, and yoga is enough to make you healthy. You should use in the morning or the afternoon with a duration which is not too long. The important thing is movement and there is burning in the body.

4. Drinking Water
Your body needs fluids for various purposes such as metabolism, water supply, digestion, and retain moisture. Lack of fluids or dehydration is very dangerous for health because of the risk of triggering the disease, fainting, and even there are cases of people who died because of dehydration.

Reduce the habit of drinking colored, sweet, or sparkling. Healthier if you drink infused water, the water with fruits or vegetables that are affected by the vitamin water contained in the supplementary material.

5. Smile
An easy way to be healthy and beautiful is with a smile. Smiling makes your mood so improved, also inspires others to think positively as well. Smile has proven to nourish the soul so that you too will live healthier and refreshed every day by providing the stock smile on your face.

6. Meet with others
We are social beings who need others to exchange positive energy. Believe it or not, people who never met people will more easily fall ill. Meet people can make health increase because the liver is also quiet and happy.

7. Read books or articles about Health
Many ways to increase knowledge about health. The more knowledge about health, you also are increasingly concerned about the health of your body.